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Incentives, Incentives . . .

Thank you to everyone who’s already preordered THE DROWNING SEA! As you know, pre-orders are incredibly important and are a huge help to authors and their books. I’m offering some little incentives (or, if you’ve already preordered, some rewards) for preordering THE DROWNING SEA! Here are the details: Preorder and I'll send you a signed bookplate. Preorder from your favorite independent bookstore and I'll send you a bookplate AND a bookmark, with my own photographs of the book's West Cork setting on the other side. Get your library to preorder and I'll send you a bookmark. Just email me via the contact form on my website with the details of where you preordered/requested (I'm going on the honor system here!) and an address and I'll send you your incentives. Thank you, readers!


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