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A photo of a cobblestone street in Dublin, Ireland at sunrise. The sun is shining off the

Praise for the Maggie D'arcy series...

“Tana French fans will love this intricate, relationship-fueled crime story and its strong women characters.” —First Clue

“A step-by-step riveting police procedural filled with red herrings.”

- Library Journal (starred review)  


Maggie D'arcy Series #4

After months of training, former Long Island homicide detective Maggie D’arcy is now officially a Garda. She’s finally settling into life in Ireland and so is her teenage daughter, Lilly. Maggie may not be a detective yet, but she’s happy with her community policing assignment in Dublin's Portobello neighborhood.  When she and her partner find former model and reality tv star Jade Elliott murdered—days after responding to a possible domestic violence disturbance at her apartment — they also discover Jade's toddler daughter missing. Amidst a nationwide manhunt, Maggie and her colleagues must look deep into Jade’s life—both personal and professional—to find a ruthless killer.

“Stellar. . . Stewart Taylor keeps the plot tight and makes satisfying links between the two major cases, but her particular skill lies in the psychological depth with which she draws Maggie and her home life. Readers will be eager to follow the detective’s future Irish exploits.” 

- Publishers Weekly  (starred review)  


Maggie D'arcy Series #3

For the first time in her adult life, former Long Island homicide detective Maggie D’arcy is unemployed. No cases to focus on, no leads to investigate, just a whole summer on a remote West Cork peninsula with her teenage daughter Lilly and her boyfriend, Conor and his son. The plan is to prepare Lilly for a move to Ireland. But their calm vacation takes a dangerous turn when human remains wash up below the steep cliffs of Ross Head.

Praise for The Drowning Sea 

“Taylor is adept at balancing police procedure with the domestic drama of Maggie’s mixed family, and her descriptions of the Irish coast and the small town where Maggie is staying will have armchair travelers itching to grab a pint and head to the local pub. Readers will be looking forward to more from this heartfelt series.”  - Publishers Weekly


Maggie D'arcy Series #2

Long Island homicide detective Maggie D'arcy and her teenage daughter, Lilly, are still recovering from the events of last fall when a strange new case demands Maggie's attention. The body of an unidentified Irish national turns up in a wealthy Long Island beach community and with little to go on but the scars on his back, Maggie once again teams up with Garda detectives in Ireland to find out who the man was and what he was doing on Long Island. 

Praise for A Distant Grave 

“A fast-paced, tension-filled yarn filled with twists the reader is unlikely to see coming. Taylor tells the story in a lyrical prose style that is a joy to read.” —Associated Press


Maggie D'arcy Series #1

Twenty-three years ago, Maggie D'arcy's family received a call from the Dublin police. Her cousin Erin had been missing for several days. Maggie herself spent weeks in Ireland, trying to track Erin's movements, working beside the police. But it was to no avail: no trace of her was ever found.

The experience inspired Maggie to become a cop. Now, back on Long Island, more than 20 years have passed. Maggie is a detective and the divorced mother of a teenager. When the Gardaí call to say that Erin's scarf has been found and another young woman has gone missing, Maggie returns to Ireland, awakening her determination to solve the case once and for all.

Praise for The Mountains Wild

One of the best of 2020 MysteriesSouth Florida Sun Sentinel
One of the best crime novels of 2020Library Journal

One of the 10 best books of JuneChristian Science Monitor

One of the top ten of 2020Aunt Agatha
One of Amazon's books of the month

A most anticipated 2020 summer read—Crimereads

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