When Parents Kill Parents in the Name of Literature

"We weren’t very far into “Little House on the Prairie” when it hit me: Ma was kind of a bummer." 

Hope Springs Eternal - ‘Water Castle’ and ‘Cats of Tanglewood Forest’

"When my oldest son was 3 and something didn’t go quite the way he had envisioned, he would lament: “I want to go back! I want to go back!” Surely, one of the hardest jobs of childhood is accepting that life moves forward and when something terrible happens, it cannot be undone with either words or wishes. "

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Between Two Worlds

"During the long days of late spring and early summer, Jacqui Mooney stands at the back door of her pub and looks out across the quiet Irish countryside."

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Farmhouse Mod -Great Art Meets Folk Art at Vermont’s Shelburne Museum

"Walking through the sloping grounds of the Shelburne Museum in Vermont, its thirty-five historic buildings moved from various parts of New England and New York, I feel I’m on familiar ground."

The Great Escape - New Hampshire

"Margret and Hans Rey tried to remain calm as the official came through the train car packed with refugees fleeing Nazi-occupied France and asked for identity papers. When the official saw the stacks of papers inside Hans’s bag, he became immediately suspicious. After all, the couple spoke with German accents. Could they be spies?"

Sweet Auburn

"Not far from the Harvard University campus, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mt. Auburn Street is busy and clogged with traffic during the morning rush hour as commuters and their cars creep across the urban landscape of auto shops, supermarkets, and liquor stores. But as I turn into the Egyptian Revival gateway of Mount Auburn Cemetery, a completely different world comes into view." 

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